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We Sweat the Small Stuff for You

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. When you know that every detail is being taken care of by a trained professional, you sleep easier at night and find that elusive peace of mind that everyone is searching for.

That is exactly what we offer to all of our clients, and their families, at Companion Care Services! We handle all of the “little things” for you so that you know your loved ones are receiving the best care and most diligent attention possible based on their likes, preferences, and unique needs.

Care Management:

It all starts with an initial phone call where we go over all the little things that our clients enjoy. After that, one of our dedicated Companion Care Managers conducts personalized meetings - face-to-face, with patients, and their families, to explain how we can fulfill their needs and give them total peace of mind. A plan of care is then written that describes the care needs and goals for your loved one.  The Care Manager will coordinate with the care team, doctors, therapists, discharge planners and hospice to ensure that care is consistent with goals and orders.  For more complex care, caregivers may be trained in the hospital before returning home.  Based on the assessment and from the personalized meeting, we choose the most appropriate caregiver from the Companion Care Services team.

After services have started and our caregivers and clients have been able to get to know each other, a Care Manager will visit again, in-person, and talk to them to ensure that everything is going smoothly. We will finish up by going over reports with the client’s family; letting them know exactly how everything is progressing - all on a regular basis.

Our clients will be provided:

  • An in-home beginning of care assessment
  • Regular follow-up in-home visits by a care manager
  • A plan of care to reflect up to date needs
  • An in-home communications log
  • Relief from any scheduling issues that may arise
  • Consistent communications with the family

Our highest priority is your peace of mind regarding the quality of care our clients are receiving.

For more information about services we offer, or to schedule your FREE assessment with us, please don’t hesitate to call Companion Care Services at 650-993-2345.

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